AKW ALERTS / Updates

The alerts page provides general guidance and updates that impact AKW residents.


AKW uses contractors for support during inclement weather.


Snow-removal procedures are activated when snow accumulations reach two inches.

Areas for snow removal include common-elements of the property: parking lots, driveways, sidewalks.

Temporary snow storage may be required in some parking spaces, per the AKW Snow Removal Plan. Residents impacted will receive alternate parking options during this time.


Steps and walkways will be pretreated.

Sand is available for vehicles that may need extra tire traction; sand barrel stations are located throughout the parking areas.

Ice-melting products will be dispensed.

Shovels are available to borrow on a first come-first serve basis. When clearing parking spaces and vehicles, avoid shoveling snow/ice into adjacent parking spaces.


Walk with caution and assume all areas on the pavement, steps, and sidewalk are slippery.

Wet spots may be ice. Frozen dew/water vapor on cold surfaces can transform into an extra-thin, nearly invisible layer of ice.

View the parking lots, steps, and sidewalks as slippery surfaces at all times. Use stair railings, step carefully, and exercise extreme caution.

Report slippery or slick surfaces to the Management office at 703-751-7541.


Contractors are directed to use ice-melting and deicing products that are safe and non-toxic for pets (and plants). While this is specific for AKW, our neighbors and the City of Alexandria may not follow the same standards.

Immediately clean your pet’s paws when they come back in from a walk in the wintertime.

Use plenty of lukewarm water, then dry them.


There may be planned building-wide power or water shut-offs for repair and maintenance purposes. Planned outages are announced so residents can prepare. Unplanned outages are very rare, but can still occur; AKW residents should be prepared for the impact.


Elevator service will be unavailable.

HVAC service will be unavailable.

Trash chutes will be closed; trash compactor services will be unavailable. Bring trash bags to ground floor trash area or hold bags until power is restored.

Water services will be available, however, the availability of hot water will be limited once the reserve is exhausted and until the power is restored.


Store extra bottled water for emergencies.

Toilets will flush once after a water shut-off begins; use the flush wisely.

Prior to a planned shutoff, fill up the bathtub with water for toilet flushing. Use a bucket/bowl to transport tub water to the toilet tank after each flush. Remember to only flush as necessary.

Ensure all water faucets are in the off position until water is restored.

Air will get trapped in the pipes. After water is restored, turn on faucets for a few minutes to release the air from the pipes. This will also clear any trapped sediment as well.